50 Kinds of Detailed Examinations

50 Kinds of Detailed Examinations+5 Step Specialized Diagnoses

Gangnam St. Mary's exclusive 5+50 Step Safety Examination is conducted under strict conditions that require repetitive checkups and follow-ups in order to prevent even the most minute error possible.

50 kinds of various examinations for advanced and reliable vision correction

Examination Introduction
Basic examination Medical Examination, visual acuity test, eyeglasses test, auto refraction for vision screening test, and auto intraocular pressure test
Visual Function Examination gaze-evoked nystagmus test, binocular vision and functional test, phoria/tropia test, anomalous/anopia test, nighttime/daytime pupil size test, fusional/stereopsis test, Schirmer test, slit lamp examination of tear secretion, and dry eye test
Retina Nerve Examination automated perimetric test, optic nerve exam, macular degeneration test, retina diagnostic test, and amsler grid test
Glaucoma Examination Dynamic contour tonometry (Goldmann tonometry), visual acuity exam, optic disk assessment, and Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer assessment
Cataract Examination Ultrasonic Testing (UT) A-scan, depth perception test, and slit lamp exam of crystalline lens
Corneal test ORBscan corneal imaging, ORBscan for evaluation of anterior and posterior corneal surface, corneal topography, slit lamp corneal examination, corneal curvature assessment, slit lamp corneal dystrophya examination, ultrasonic pachymetry, and ORBscan pachymetry
Keratoconus Examination visual acuity test, corneal curvature assessment and refraction measurement using topography, ORBscan for assessment of anterior and posterior corneal surface and refraction in keratoconus
Refraction Test retinoscopy, refraction test after miosis (PCR), subjective eye refraction test, presbyopia exam, detailed astigmatism assessment, assessment of best corrected visual acuity, retinoscope exam, and cycloplegic refraction test
Glare Sensitivity and Abberation Test Pupil size test, Abberation analysis using the new CRS-Master, Wavefront analysis using the WASCA

* By accurately understanding the condition of your eyes prior to surgery, we promise to restore your vision with zero side effects.