Special Vision System

Comprehensive Safety Examination System

- Special Avellino DAN Check-up
- 5 kinds of Special Diagnoses
- 50 kinds of examinations
= Safety Guaranteed Diagnostic Examinations

Optimum Surgery System

- Detailed Analysis System
- Customized Surgery
- High-tech Equipments
= Personally Customized Surgery

Post-Operative Lifetime Care System

- Lifetime Personal Doctor System
- Reliable Surgery Guarantee Policy
- 1:1 Management
- Regular Comprehensive Check-ups
= Safety Guaranteed Diagnostic Examination

Safety Inspection System

Gangnam St. Mary's Optometry operates under the Safety Inspection System. Because Gangnam St. Mary's Optometry puts the patient's safety at utmost priority, we aim to perfectly understand the condition of the patient's eyes in order to prevent even the most minute error possible prior to surgery.

Avellino DNA Special Inspection

Avellino Corneal Dystrophy (ACD), formally known as Granual corneal dystrophy type II (CGD2), is a disorder inherited in an autosomal dominant manner and involves the degeneration of cornea and impairment of vision. It is mainly caused by mutations in specific areas of the IG-H3 gene. Patients exposed to this disorder suffer from genetic defects and protein modification in the cornea and other vulnerable areas.

5 Steps + 50 Kinds of Comprehensive Diagnostic Examinations

In addition to the 50 different comprehensive diagnostic examinations + 5 steps of specialized diagnostic examinations + the Avellino DNA Inspection system, Gangnam St. Mary's Optometry constantly conducts verification inspections to most accurately understand the patient's eye conditions to prevent even the smallest possibility of error and bring satisfaction to each and one of its customer.

Optimum Operation System

Gangnam St. Mary's Optometry promises reliable and the most satisfying results through thorough analysis and customized operation designed to suit each patient.

Wave Front Detailed Checkup

- High-level Figure Measurement
- Spherical Aberration Analysis
= Advanced Continual Analysis

High Precision Examination

- Advanced eye analysis
- Optic Nerve Examination
= High Quality and Precise Examination

The most advanced equipment of 2011

- MEL-80 Excimer laser
- New CRS-Master
= Cutting-edge Vision Corrective Equipment