My experience of LASEK & practical advice
Joy Kim 2014.03.17


I already wrote a testimonial on the Korean website, but I figured I can take some time to write another one in English.

By the way, Gangnam St. Mary's employee, Dana, speaks really good English so you will be able to ask questions and receive satisfying answers.

I had LASEK surgery here a few months ago (I'm really bad with dates, but it's been at least 6 months) and now I can't even remember what it's like to wear contacts.

For those of you who are scared about the legitimacy & effectiveness of the surgery - don't fear.

I'm fluent in Korean & I'm able to find out whether a place I'm about to have a surgery is a trustworthy business. As far as I know, it's one of the most well-known and trusted hospital in Gangnam area.

To be honest, the surgery itself was little bit uncomfortable. It doesn't hurt or anything, but you need to keeep your eyes open while lights pour into the eyes. So your eyes will feel tired during the surgery (but like I said, it's not painful. just a bit tiring.)

The day of surgery isn't too bad, but for the next 3 days any light (even a candlelight) wil hurt your eyes like crazy. It's like someone chopped onions right near your eyes. Also, you'll have discharges from the eyes, but that's normal. Everyone I know who had eye surgery says the same thing. My recommendation is to make sure you have at least 3 days to recover and stock your fridge with food you can eat in the dark.

Also, use the cold eye patch they'll give you, it really helps relieve the pain. What else...I need entertainment at all times, so I made sure I had audio books & a music playlist that can play for hours - so I'd have something to stimulate my brain without using my eyes.

Also, if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/familymember/friend to help you while you recover, it's really helpful.

After those days, at least for me and my friends who had their eyes done, the pain disappears like magic!!

It sure feels great being able to fall asleep at night without worrying about taking the contacts out, and I don't really miss having to look for my contacts in the morning when I'm rushing to get ready for work.

Overall, my experience in Gangnam St. Mary's has been a positive one. I'd recommend it to anyone who's just as sick and tired of having to worry about eyes all the time.

Hope it helps!