LASIK (Best decision ever)
Maureen Tucker 2014.10.25

St. Mary's Eye Center in Gangnam is an excellent choice if you want to get corrective eye surgery. From the first phone call to the last post-op appointment they were a huge help. They answered almost every question I had during the first consulatation (before I could even ask).They have staff that speak excellent English. One of the employees who is fluent in English sat with me during the entire procedure making sure I understood everything and that there was no need to worry or panic. I knew I was in good hands. As I chose to have LASIK I had a very fast recovery and immediate results. I knew it would be fast but I was still amazed at the results. After the surgery they have follow up appointments and will check that everything is ok. If you have any problems you can also request more appointments. The price is excellent value too and I would really recommend this service.The consultation is free so you can see if this is for you and they will tell you everything you need to know. I can not recommend this centre enough.