My Lasek Experience
Paul 2015.02.11

I assume it is the same for majority of people, but I was very worried and cautious about getting laser eye surgery. I had the thoughts, "What if something goes wrong? What if they mess up?" After reviewing the website (before, they had an English version somewhere. I can't seem to find it now), I saw that the Gangnam St. Mary's Eye Center had thousands of patients and never had any incidents. Surely, I couldn't be that "lucky" individual that would have an incident, right?

I was referred by two of my friends. They assured me that the process was simple. I was able to get an eye examination and the surgery on the same day (only upon availability, and you must book your appointment early). Thanks to the assistance of Dana, everything was explained very clearly and I had no trouble understanding what was going to happen. The operation itself probably lasted only 5 minutes (I recommend holding your breath during the part where they start using the laser). I had a friend there just in case I needed help getting home.

Because I did Lasek, the recovery was supposed to take longer than Lasik. While it didn't hurt much after the operation, the next day was pretty stressful. There was a bit of a burning sensation, but the ice pack that they provided really helped ease the pain.

On the second day, I was surprised to wake up to see very clearly, and with very little pain. I felt much better and it felt amazing that I didn't have to think about putting in my contacts. I had to wear sunglasses outside, as my eyes were sensitive to the light, but that and along with remembering to use the eyedrops was probably the most I had to worry about my eyes. To be honest, I missed a few times when I had to put in the eyedrops, but I turned out fine (though it still shouldn't be a habit to miss).

Overall, I highly recommend getting your laser eye surgery here. I heard from other friends that this place was slightly more expensive than other places. But I have also noticed that everyone who went here, seemed to have a very quick recovery as well. And honestly, wouldn't you want to invest a little more if it was concerning your vision?

Thank you to Dr. Kim and also to Dana, who were very helpful throughout the whole process. For native English speakers, Dana is very good and does a fantastic job of giving all the details.