More pleasant that I ever thought possibe
Christina Washington 2016.07.02

Best decision I've made!

To start off Dana the English speaking counselor is amazing! She immediately made me feel at ease over the phone with her kind professional demeanor perfect English. Upon my arrival for my consultation I was greeted by the staff and check in quickly.  The entire eye center was absolutely pristine and the equipment used was cutting edge. The exams were very thorough especially when compared to the two other centers my husband and I visited before hearing about Gangnam St. Mary's. After my consultation, Dana explained which procedures I was eligible for and the pros and cons of each. When I arrived for surgery, my prescription was waiting for me and I quickly filled it at the in building pharmacy and was prepped for surgery.

 Dana stayed with me during the entire surgery and translated. Even though I didn't feel any pain during the surgery it was still very comforting having her there. After the surgery my eyes felt irritated so I took Advil and went to bed. I woke up the next morning with absolutely no pain and perfect vision.

My husband had his surgery about a month after I did and I was able to watch the entire surgery on a monitor outside of the operating room. It was such an interesting experience. I'd recommend Gangman St. Mary for anyone considering corrective surgery.